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BostonCoin Update May 2018

BostonCoin aims to reduce volatility and “take the bite out of Bitcoin and crypto” – how is that working out? Volatility is a part of the cryptosphere, often because the broad market is mostly a) unregulated and b) uneducated. Last month we enjoyed some decent recovery, as coins which had previously dropped by 60% and 75%, rebounded by around 30% to 50%. There is still a way to go, but things were looking up. This month, we had some profit-takers and fear-makers drive the market back down again, lead by the major coins. CNBC analysts were calling it “The Bitcoin Bloodbath”. Other jounalists went with the headline “Crypto Carnage”. Was this accurate? Yes, Bitcoin and Ethereum dropped 30%, but

BostonCoin update for April 2018

If you can keep your head whilst all around you are losing theirs... Rudyard Kipling wrote the poem “IF...” in 1895. It was inspired by a military mentor, and dedicated to Kipling's son. The stoic advice for bold conduct and keeping a “stiff upper lip” in British society aside, the poem has been adopted by warriors, sporting teams, academics and also been heralded as “the essence of the Gita” by an Indian writer. How does this apply to modern markets? We could be cheeky and say, “If you can keep your money whilst all around you are losing theirs... you are doing exceptionally well in crypto” and it would not be far from the truth. In 2017, up to 50% of new ICO's were declared to be “scams” b


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