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#BostonCoin *pup*date, May 2019

BostonCoin Pup-date May 2019 Traffic jams and speed traps If cryptocurrencies are cars, then the blockchain is the highway system on which they run. The better the blockchain, the faster the cars (or cryptos) can run around on it and get where they need to go. Fortunately, there are many thousands of developers around the world who are constantly working on the blockchain system to make it stronger, faster and more stable. Yet they still have some limitations. One of those limitations is the actual network on which the blockchain sits; something which you and I commonly refer to as “the internet”. (My son calls it “the interwebz”, but he’s so much cooler than I am.) The internet is the gro

The BostonCoin Pup*date April 2019

How's your Vision? In 2017, many people *dog*-piled into cryptocurrencies because they were seeking "fast money" or a "get rich quick" scheme. The issue was, that those who were making the phenomenal gains, were the investors who had gotten into crypto five to ten years earlier. We are using the term "investors" loosely in the above paragraph. The majority of the early adopters of cryptocurrencies were not looking to make multiple triple-figure gains from their "investment". The majority of crypto purchasers in the early days, were people who saw the faults of the financial system (particularly after the GFC and the bank bailout). These early adopters had lost faith in the official system


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