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"Powerless" dollars, DeFi booms and 2000% returns

BostonCoin update

Feb-March 2021

There’s never a dull moment in Cryptopia

Last month, we had the excitement of WallStreetBets, GameStop shorts and old-school billionaire hedge funds being spanked by a bunch of anonymous online game lovers, in something we dubbed #RevengeoftheNerds2. It was great news for many, sad for a few, and certainly interesting to see the tables being turned.

This was followed by a massive BTC rally as the world’s richest man announced he had put a lazy $1.5 billion into bitcoin. The long-term residents of Cryptopia cheered to see more recognition coming to the space. We had seen billion-dollar hedge funds such as Grayscale, Square and MicroStrategy move into the crypto neighbourhood, and now we have “Mister Tesla” moving in just down the road.

Not everyone is happy about the “gentrification” of crypto. Some of the hardcore crypto-geeks do not want large banks and financial institutions moving into crypto, as some nerds and HODL-ers feel that crypto is “their” territory, and should be free from the forces of market manipulation.