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We can be heroes: BOS now 500% more powerful

Bostoncoin update Apr-May 2021

We can be heroes

We can be heroes: Part 1: Assemble!

I get by with a little help from my friends…

Cryptocurrencies are a new asset class, designed by the people, for the people and as yet, unaffected by government manipulation and control. This financial or fiduciary freedom can be liberating, however, we must also remember that Cryptopia is still the “wild west”… The boundless land of possibility is also unaffected by regulations, legislation or external protection.

It is true that some crypto investments may see returns of 1000%, 10 000% or even higher. It is similarly true that 100% of your new altcoin investment can disappear without so much as a puff of smoke. One crypto investor lost over $180 000 this month, due to inexperience or a lack of street smarts. When you are in a new territory, it is wise to have an excellent guidebook, or be in the company of a trained guide.

In unpatrolled areas, scams and criminals abound. Innocent crypto citizens may be targeted by ‘sharks’ or ‘wolves’ who deliberately prey on the inexperienced investor. Unscrupulous and predatory financiers may set ‘bear traps’ and wait for naïve investors to fall into them, decimating their capital. Optimists can be sucked into ‘bull traps’ and then have the rug pulled. Crypto ‘whales’ can make a fortune by deliberately ‘pumping and dumping’ some smaller altcoins. It’s not just a jungle out there, crypto markets can be an ocean of pirates as well.

For all of its risks, there are still many rewards to be found in Cryptopia. We advocate education as the single best tool in your utility belt, which is why we started to give you the best crypto education for free. Absorb the knowledge and share it with your crypto-curious buddies. Share the knowledge even with your crypto-sceptical friends. They may come around eventually, as mainstream adoption arises and there is a lot to be said for having a unified team who support you.

Batman had Robin, Alfred and Commissioner Jim Gordon. Marvel has its Avengers team. DC has the Justice League. Charles Xavier has a legion of X-men, all with different skills. As you dodge the scams, traps, and bad guys on your way to Cryllionaire status, who is on your superhero team? If your team of ‘super-friends’ looks sparse, build it up now, as you may need additional muscle soon; either to fight evil or to carry future bounty.

We can be heroes: Part 2: Evaluate!

Skills for success include focus and tenacity

Heroes such as Spiderman, Batman or WonderWoman may frequently be seen rushing about the streets clobbering criminals, rescuing kids and saving the treasures, but a lot of their time is initially spent gazing from rooftops. Like the police (costumed counterparts in a different justice league), our mythical heroes spend a great deal of time in the office, on surveillance, or looking over the cityscape to assess the ‘lay of the land’ before swooping in to take action.

Those wishing for legendary hero status in Cryptopia should also spend a lot of time in “macro-vision”, overlooking the broader environment of the economy at large, before slowly zooming in to study a smaller area.

Money-printing by central banks and low interest rates around the world have contributed to perfect conditions for a boom in crypto’s decentralised finance (“DeFi”) projects, such as Celsius, CRO and Binance.

DeFi has taken off because traditional banks face higher inflation, higher costs of business and near-zero or below-zero interest rates. Everything that happens in Cryptopia is affected and influenced by events in the surrounding world.

Before jumping into action, have patience and focus. Be sure you understand the situation and know your exit routes. You can examine the list of evaluated projects on the blog, watch the YouTube channel, join the Bostoncoin puppy pack for safety, or use the “C.O.I.N.” protocol as a guide to choose your own investments if you wish to fly solo.

We can be heroes: Part 3: Execute!

Assemble, Evaluate, and then follow through!

There are millions of ‘armchair experts’ who will claim they knew that a particular stock, crypto, trend or celebrity was going to be big, years ago. So why are they sitting in an armchair talking to you on the internet, instead of standing at the helm of their private yacht?

In the USA, these people are called “Monday morning quarterbacks”, as with the benefit of hindsight, they can always tell what every player on the field was supposed to do, hours or days earlier.

In Australia, inactive experts are often called “gunners”. In the military, a gunner was someone who would shoot the enemy and protect the team, but in an ironic twist, these friendly desk-jockey “gunners” do nothing. They are always speaking about what they were “gonna” do back then, or what they’re “gonna” do next, but never actually take action. Be warned: these types of people will take up a lot of your time and will not help you to complete your heroic quest.

No matter how great your team is, no matter how much macro overview or background research you compile, if you do not take risks and take action, you cannot win. All actions entail risk, whether it be asking your crush to dance, punching a bad guy, buying your first car, buying a home, stock, crypto or adopting a puppy. You can never know the outcome with 100% certainty, so you must decide what level of risk you will accept in return for your reward.

Some people will act when they are 80% sure of the outcome, some may wait for 90% and some may be happy to dive in with just 30% confidence. Whatever your level is, it is ultimately up to your own education, experience and risk tolerance. Use your own brain or your combined team to assess, and then your heart to guide you into action.